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Alfred Ansong Bimpong

Senior Elder Alfred Ansong Bimpong birthed Tower of Faith Centre and holds the oversight position as the pastor.

As a young boy he used to play the role of a pastor by preaching to his classmates who gathered around him after school. At the age of 11, at a Sunday school lesson, he learnt a song about Jesus dying to save man on the cross. This was to be a turning point in his life as his teacher led him to accept Christ as his personal Saviour.

He joined the Scripture Union and being a House Representative at such a tender age, he progressed steadily in the faith to become the Union’s president by the time he was in college. The experience he gathered over these years became instrumental in establishing many churches and the pioneering of many evangelical groups such as World Outreach Revivals and the Living Faith Tabernacle.

Dr. Bill Hamon of the Christian International (CI; USA) ordained Alfred Bimpong, and Dr. Sharon Stone, Head of CI, Europe, inaugurated the Tower Of Faith Centre.

Alfred’s strong Prophetic and Apostolic strength coupled with his simplified teaching has helped train and equip a lot of people in identifying their place in the kingdom and has also fostered many to be better equipped to serve in the kingdom.

He has a strong apostolic teaching grace to impact the saints to reach higher grounds in the present truth of what the Father is doing in the Kingdom Community to effect the world.

Author of Hold On, he is married to Joyce a co-labourer in the kingdom and both have three children.

Joyce Ansong Bimpong

Joyce Ansong Bimpong is an ordained minister of the gospel by Dr  Bill Hamon. She is married to Alfred Ansong Bimpong, and have three children.

 Andrew Osei-Bimpong 

Andy Osei-Bimpong, the leader in charge of the in-house administration of the house. I have a great call to teach the living word. He is a scientist married to Doris together have three children.

 Elias Bhonda 

Elias has a strong teaching calling and in charge of the teaching services of the church. A scientist as and married to Panduma and have three children.

Ida Bossman

An ordained minister of the gospel oversees the counselling, in the church. She is married to Bishop Bossman and they have three children.

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