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We expose the toddlers to experience God’s incredible love for them in a way that is real, relevant, relaxed and relational. Our team is committed to making the church experience a good one!

If the idea of church is new to your son or daughter, they’ll definitely want to start out here at our weekend service. Each weekend we gather together for an action-packed program that includes music, games, videos, a fun lesson and more.

Recent studies show that today’s young toddlers are more stressed and anxious than ever before. Tower of Faith hopes to be a place relax, have fun and build relationships.

Can you imagine a church experience where you don’t have to drag your toddler out of bed to get them to go? TFCC could be the place!

We can’t wait to have your TODDLERS join us for weekend worship!

Recent Testimony- A mother once asked what at all goes on TFCC as her daughter rises early to go to church she does for school !!

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